Membership card

  1. MKG TRAVEL ACCOMODATION Membership Card entitles to 10% discount on stays at the properties belonging to the group and listed on the webpage: / accomodation
  2. The Card can be purchased by everyone who visited the facilities belonging to the MKG TRAVEL ACCOMODATION group minimum 3 times.
  3. The card is given during the next visit in the property, on Guest request.
  4. The willingness to receive Membership Card should be submitted to the employee during the booking process. Cards are issued free of charge
  5. Loyalty Card are registered and become valid upon signing by guest.
  6. Guest is obliged to notify the employee of having a Membership Card during the booking process.
  7. Discounts are offered on the prices included in the current price list for the property and are valid only for reservations made directly at the object (mail, telephone, through the “Reservations” on the webpage). Discounts do not apply to bookings made through intermediaries (booking websites).
  8. Discounts can not be combined with others.
  9. Guest may purchase only one Membership Card.
  10. In the case of Membership Card destruction or loss, the guest may apply to the object for the duplicate . The cost is 50 PLN.
  11. Limited number of cards.